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Individual counseling

(tele-health only)

53 -minute appointment

Telehealth is another means to providing therapy. Telehealth is just like an in-person session with a therapist, only over phone or video conferencing. At Positive Pathways “telehealth services” primarily refers to two therapy options:

Video Therapy: counseling sessions provided via video conferencing
Telephone Counseling: counseling sessions provided via telephone

There are many benefits to having sessions using telehealth.

  • It can be easier and more efficient for you to access mental health care.
  • There may be more flexibility to schedule a time convenient for you.
  • You can talk to a therapist without physically coming to an office.

What You Will Need

Here is what you will need to meet using video therapy:

-A computer or tablet with a microphone and a camera
-Internet speed of at least 1 megabit per second (mbps)
-A private space (preferably a room with a door) without pets, family members or other distractions
-A secure internet connection (public Wi-Fi is not recommended due to lack of privacy)
-Proper lighting in front of your face preferred
-Use Firefox or Chrome as your browser (Zoom works best with these)

Here’s what you will need for phone counseling sessions:

-A private space (no pets, family members or other distractions)
-A telephone that you are comfortable using and has good sound quality

**Helpful tip: Using headphones/earbuds with a microphone may help minimize what other people nearby can hear

Online Therapy for a Range of Issues

We offer online counseling service for adults and we accept some insurance plans, please check “Insurance Accepted Page” to see if we cover your insurance plan.

Online Counseling

* OCD (specializing in)
* Depression
* Stress management
* Behavioral problems
* Anxiety

* Self-improvement
* Lifestyle changes
* Addiction recovery
* Exposure therapy
* Dialectical therapy

Please contact Positive Pathways Counseling to schedule your online therapy today.