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Individual Online Counseling

Telehealth (Online) Counseling that Comes to You

Individual Online Counseling sessions are similar to in-person sessions with your therapist, but instead of coming into the office, you and your counselor meet in a comfortable place of your choosing using interactive audio and video technology.

Virtual visits with your counselor are HIPAA compliant, in order to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

You can use your computer or smartphone​. Patients participate in sessions from home or from any confidential location determined appropriate by the patient and their clinician.

While being in a room with your therapist is often the best option there are times where telehealth is ideal. You reduce time away from work by removing the drive to and from the office, you can meet from the (confidential) space of your choosing, you don’t miss a session if you are not feeling well enough to visit the office, if you are away from home and the office.