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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a psychiatric disorder brought on by anxiety. While it can manifest in a variety of forms, it is commonly characterized by obsessive thoughts (repetitive, distressing, and intrusive) and related compulsions (tasks or rituals). If you've been diagnosed with OCD, or think you may have OCD, there are ways to cope, and the certified therapists at Positive Pathways are here to help you.

Symptoms of OCD include:

Let our therapists help you recognize and treat your OCD

• Repeated hand washing

• Specific counting systems

• Fear of contamination

• Having to cancel out bad thoughts with good thoughts

• A need for both sides of the body to feel even

• And more

In an effort to keep your OCD symptoms and characteristics at bay, consult with our certified therapists.


At Positive Pathways, we provide a number of individual and group counseling options to ensure your comfort while addressing your condition with sincerity and professionalism.


Listen to a podcast featuring Positive Pathways therapist, Michael Connolly, as he discusses OCD treatment options with Dr. Howard Gurr.

Call Now: 412-894-8222

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“Mike has an uncanny ability to make people feel at ease, and has created a very inviting atmosphere for his clientele.”

- Janice B (Bethel Park, PA)

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