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Though anger is a normal feeling, felt and expressed by many every day, some have an issue identifying and re-focusing their anger elsewhere when it begins to infiltrate into work environments or personal relationships. If your anger is going out of control and becoming destructive, our certified anger management specialist is here to help you.

Working in conjunction with the legal system

Receive feedback from a certified anger management specialist

If you've been court-mandated to attend anger management courses, we will gladly provide proper letters, documents, and certificates to your probation officer, judge,

or magistrate upon successful completion of our program.

All the anger management sessions at Positive Pathways are supervised by a Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS-1). Our experienced supervisor is trained by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA).


With certified specialists dedicated to your growth standing beside you during your behavioral transition, you can feel comfortable and confident on your quest to understand and control anger.


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Call Now: 412-894-8222

Find new, effective ways to cope with your anger

“My life has completely changed for the better and I wouldn't have accomplished so much and gained so much confidence without Michael.”

- Annie B (Monroeville, PA)

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Positive Pathways is a Mental Health Out-Patient Facility located in the West End of Pittsburgh. We offer Anger Management Counseling which is supervised by a Certified Anger Management Specialist. (CAMS-1). Our supervisor was trained through NAMA The National Anger Management Association.

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Positive Pathways provides Anger Management to Individuals that are seeking/ or mandated through the justice/legal system. Positive Pathways works with you providing proper letters/certificates to Probation Officers, Judges, Magistrates and any other legal systems involved in one’s case.

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